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What drives the cost through the 5 stages?

We typically move through 5 stages of care in retirement. The level of health care and personal assistance we need - and the cost to meet these needs - will increase with each stage.

1. Independence -- No special care or support from family

2. Interdependence -- Seniors accept help from family members only

3. Supportive Living -- Seniors receive support from family and limited formal care services

4. Crisis Management -- Health and personal care needs are beyond the family's capacity to help - formal care is needed

5. Dependence -- Long-term care home admission is required to receive continual skilled nursing care and extensive personal care

Long-Term Care insurance helps protect against significant health care costs in retirement, with the added security of protection against impacts of severe illness or accident that can happen at any time.

We helps protect against the health care costs specifically associated with late retirement and with the realities of aging in the later stages of retirement.

We can provide you with the protection you need when you're dependent. This happens when you need:

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