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Elite Program

Welcome to BK Talent Program

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A Broad Range of Elite Programs for the Financial Advisor

Black Key Financial Consulting Inc. (Black Key) is a consulting Inc. home base is at Toronto, offer a comprehensive financial planning and solution for our client.


Meanwhile, Black Key also provide sound industry knowledge through the powerful lens of a coaching program which one we call it Elite Program (EP) for our advisors


The Elite Program coach team personally matched every financial advisor with a highly-trained coach based on his or her individual goals and preferences. Also, EP is distinctively tailored to match the advisor’s objectives


The Elite Program is consisted with:

  • Financial planning knowledge training

  • How to manage your market strategy

  • How to handle your client`s objection and build up your client base

  • 5 key successful core competitions training  


For 2022, we opening 4 positions for this special training program, register today to take our information session, we will pick up 4 good materials from our information session candidate and deliver them to the EP


Meet you at EP, success yourself in your future .

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