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Tax Filing


  • 1 h
  • vary from categories
  • Online via email contacts

Service Description

Commencing tax filing with BK this year! All communication is conducted online via email. Allow our Tax Coordinator to reach out to you and collect all necessary information. Anticipate the following: The Tax Coordinator will assist in identifying the tax filing type, sending you a checklist, and presenting a pricing plan. Address general inquiries related to your tax filing. Upon fulfilling all requirements, tax filing will be completed within 3-5 business days. Your coordinator will have you confirm T1 general and details. Once you sign the authorization form and make the payment, your tax filing will be uploaded to CRA within one day. 黑钥金融的报税沟通均在线上完成,通过电子邮件进行。 我们将为您配备税务协调员联系您,收集所有必要信息。 税务协调员将帮助您确定报税类型,发送清单和价格计划。 解答与您的报税有关的常规问题。 完成所有要求后,报税将在3-5个工作日内完成。您的协调员将让您确认T1通用表和详细信息。 一旦您签署授权表并付款,您的报税将在一天内上传至加拿大税务局

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