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Tax Residency Determination Fast Test


  • 15 min
  • Online Meeting

Service Description

Not able to determine you are Canadian Resident? Deem Resident? Non Resident? Factual Resident? and etc ... We can help! We provide a rapid one-on-one evaluation to establish tax residency in Canada. Starting from 2024, the CRA requires a designated tax residence identification for tax filings. Participate in a concise 10-15 minute virtual consultation with our tax specialist to swiftly determine your tax residency status and potential tax responsibilities in Canada. 您是否头疼 怎么区分加拿大居民?Deem Resident?非居民?事实居民?等等让人头大的定义, 我们可以提供帮助! 黑钥提供迅速的一对一评估服务,以确定在加拿大的税务居民身份。 从2024年开始,加拿大税务局(CRA)要求在报税过程中自选您的税务居民身份。 现在就与我们的税务专家进行的10-15分钟线上咨询,快速确定您在加拿大的准确的税收居民身份状况和潜在面临的税务义务。

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