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Tax Season 2024

Starting from Feb 19th

Important Dates


Tax Filing

Before Feb 19th, 2024

Tax Filing Notification

Existed BK Clients, expect to receive BK tax filing notification email before Feb 19th, 2024. The email will cover Tax Document Checklist, Price Plan and 2024 New Updates

Start Tax Filing

Feb 19th ~ Apr 30th, 2024

BK Tax Filing Services operates entirely online. Kindly consult the tax checklist and submit relevant documents to your BK Tax Coordinator's email. The preliminary review will be completed within 2-4 business days. Please note that tax filing may experience delays during peak seasons.

Tax Consultation

For clients seeking tax consultation services, you can either reach out to the BK Tax Coordinator via email or schedule a Tax Specialist through the BK website. The first 15 minutes of consultation are complimentary.

Feb 19th ~ Apr 30th, 2024

Book with         today

Schedule an online appointment with a BK Tax Specialist for tax consultation. Ensure that you come prepared with your questions and the relevant documents.


Tax Filing Price Plan

Busy Morning

T4 Employee

T4 Employee


For A family with 2 T4 employees, we offer special pricing $130 per family

Working with Laptop


T4A Self-Employee

or Small Business Owner

Business for Self starting from $125

Small Business Owner starting from $150

vary from case sizes

Organized Backpack

International Students

International Students



Useful Tools

Optimize tax benefits

Describe one of your services

First Time Clients

Describe one of your services

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